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Aust Bus & Coach Drivers' Guide Aust Bus & Coach Drivers' Guide

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When I first started to study Heavy Vehicle Driving Instruction, I wanted to specialise in buses and coaches. I was astounded at the lack of comprehensive resource materials available to suit Australian conditions, particularly for the passenger transport industry.

There are numerous state government transport booklets available (or downloadable from the internet), but they are generally lacking in comprehensive bus information.

To assist anyone wanting to enter the bus and coach industry, I tried to collate as much succinct practical information with regards to getting a heavy vehicle licence (with special emphasis on buses and coaches), to more advanced, and often neglected, information. I have attempted to provide bulleted notes for easy reading and quick referencing. 

Coloured illustrations and photographs have been interspersed throughout the guide to explain concepts, demonstrate consequences, and also just “show off” various buses and coaches from around Australia.

The first part of the booklet (15 chapters) imparts the required information for the practical driving test, in accordance with the Heavy Vehicle Assessment Guide (Austroads & VicRoads – Ver. 14, 2012), with an emphasis on bus and coaches. I believe this is the highest standard for the Australian bus and coach industry, and if a person achieves competence in this area they will succeed in attaining the heavy vehicle licence.

The Heavy Vehicle Assessment Guide covers:
  • Pre-operational inspections
  • Vehicle operations
  • Low risk driving and advanced driving techniques, including ecodriving
  • Transport compliance
  • Additional risk tasks
While writing this guide, I was frequently asked, “How can inexperienced drivers get more skills?” as well as specific questions regarding emergency procedures.

With this in mind, in preparing and mentoring for training Certificate III drivers, I then considered the best way to supplement these ideas with information for more advanced/experienced drivers.  As a result, I then added information to assist attaining the competency unit, TLIC3042A Operate coach/bus.

Within the guide, I have attempted to address:
  • Particular hazards (in Australian environments)
    • Mechanical failures (neglected in the industry!)
    • Rescue operations (seriously neglected in the industry!)
    • Urban driving
    • Rural and remote driving
    • Mining, construction and industrial driving
    • Snow field driving
  • Route navigation
  • Minor mechanical repairs
    • Safety aspects
    • Fuel
    • Wheels
    • Drive belts
    • Bulbs
    • Fuses.
Finally, I aimed to summarise the entire process to provide an overview of the Australian heavy passenger transport industry. This may seem to be inverted, but in order to make it easier to reference information (for the reader), I placed this material at the end of the manual.

Australian Bus and Coach Drivers’ Guide outlines characteristics of the bus and coach industry of Australia, and all of its sectors (route, school, charter, tours, etc). It also addresses current safety and environmental issues facing the industry.

Examination of the process of becoming a bus driver, a driver’s attitude and responsibilities, and applying for a heavy vehicle driver licence and driver authorisation are all included in the manual.

The last section outlines the various means of developing bus drivers’ or coach captains’ skills to the highest levels of professionalism.

I hope that this book can help drivers, trainers and operators to improve and advance the Australian bus and coach industry.

I do not claim to be the bastion of all bus knowledge.  I just wanted to start a collective work to address a shortfall within the industry. I am happy to pass the torch to anyone who can take this further – to the betterment of the industry, the edification of all drivers, general road safety and the improvement of our collective professionalism.


John Duffy is a based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and is passionate about John Duffy (author)
improving the l
evel of  professionalism within the Australian bus and coach industry.

He is a freelance commentary tour coach captain, accredited driver trainer/assessor, passenger transport industry consultant and road safety advocate. 

His professional driving career started with delivering eggs for twenty years, before following his heart to become a coach and bus driver nearly 15 years ago. 

John has sought to improve himself under the mentorship of several great coach captains. In addition, he has attained several professional qualifications including Cert.III Driving Operations (Bus) and Cert.IV Heavy Vehicle Driver Training and Assessment Skill Set, and currently the Diploma of Bus and Coach Operations.

He is the first person in Australia to attain Certified Passenger Professional, with the
Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Australia.

 In 2014, John was awarded the Road Transport Trainee of the Year from the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council and Awards of Excellence - Professional of the Year from the
Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Australia.

Cert Passenger Professional      CILTA Professional of the Year        Road Transport Trainee of the Year 2014

He has driven in every type of Australian bus environment (including tour/charter, school/route, snow and mining/industrial), except 4WD.

He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Australia [CILTA], Australian Driver Trainers Assoc [ADTA], and the Professional Tour Guides Assoc of Australia [PTGAA].

John wants to improve the safety and support of all drivers and their passengers, and this motivated him to create the Australian Bus and Coach Driver facebook page. He mentors several people within the bus and coach industry, and invites other experienced drivers to follow his example.

His favourite coach type is the Denning Landseer (6V92 with 7spd Spicer).  And he still enjoys driving these classics at every available opportunity.

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