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Operator Accreditation Workbook Assessment

Tour Coach Services is QTMR Approved Assessor #19

Under section 12(1) of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 all operators of public passenger services must attain and maintain Operator Accreditation in order to provide public passenger services in Queensland.

The purpose of operator accreditation is to ensure operators:
  • operate and maintain their vehicles appropriately
  • are aware of their passenger transport legislative responsibilities
  • comply with vehicle design, safety and operational requirements
  • are able to meet customer service expectations.


Under section 19(1) of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Standard 2010, applicants for operator accreditation must successfully complete a training course approved by the Director General, Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The fundamental course in Queensland is the Operator Accreditation 'Workbook'.

You can direct enquiries and apply for Operator Accreditation at QTMR.

You will be supplied:
  • Operator Accreditation Information Guide
  • Operator Accreditation Assessment Guide (aka the "Workbook")
  • Supporting Information Bulletins and Legislation CD
  • List of QTMR Approved Assessors
There is a series of FREE resources available on this web-site to assist in submitting your Workbook.


1. Operation and maintenance of public passenger vehicles
2.  Provision of quality public passenger services
3.  Compliance with vehicle design, safety and operational requirements
4.  Business management skills
5.  Compliance with legislation/documentation which relates to public transport operations

6.  Additional questions for school transport services

7.  Additional questions for urban, minor and long distance scheduled services

All applicants must complete sections 1-5.
All school service applicants must complete sections 1-6.
urban, minor and long distance scheduled services must complete sections 1-7.


The candidate will (in accordance with QTMR legal standards), if they choose Tour Coach Services:
  • have access to Tour Coach Services who can provide guidance in completion of the Workbook;
  • be permitted to represent for assessment an additional two (2) times after the intitial submission.  Operators who have not been successful in completing the Workbook will be deemed as not having met the training requirment;
  • new operators must complete the workbook within three (3) months of being issued with provisional Operator Accreditation;
  • operators who have not successfully completed the workbook within three (3) months will not have their Operator Accreditation renewed.  If this is the case, a new application for Operator Accreditation will be required.
Any disputes with the assessment may be independently reviewed by QTMR.


Obtain the Operator Accreditation Package from your nearest Passenger Transport Office (QTMR).
Contact Tour Coach Services for limited assistance with completing the Workbook (if required).
There is a series of FREE resources available on this web-site to assist in submitting your Workbook.

Post completed Workbook to:

John Duffy
Tour Coach Services
P.O. Box 541
Palmwoods.  Q.  4555

After assessment and payment is received:

  • Workbook is returned to the operator (for their records)
  • Certificate of Successful Completion of the Operator Accredtation Workbook is forwarded to QTMR.


The MAXIMUM assessment fee is currently set by QTMR at $216.70 [GST INCL.]. 

When the operator contacts Tour Coach Services, you will be sent an email with an invoice.

DIRECT DEPOSIT:     (Please supply invoice number in transaction reference)

JG&TL DUFFY                 BSB: 638-010                   A/C No. 11576588

PAYPAL:  Automatically transfers $216.70 to my account.

Your Workbook will be returned and Certificate of Completion forwarded to QTMR when funds clear.

Please feel welcome to direct any questions to John on 0417 636 911 or the email below:

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