Tour Coach Services offers the following assessments for membership to:

Professional Tour Guide Assoc Australia
Prof Tour Guides of Australia Assoc
Guides of Australia

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It is most beneficial (cheaper) to become a member of PTGAA to attain GOA Accreditation.

If you have any questions regarding the processes,
you are welcome to give me a call or email.

Prof Tour Guides of Australia Assoc


  • Your own personal profile on the associations website for professional exposure
  • New job opportunities both through the website, and direct requests
  • Access to the members only section of the PTGAA website
  • Industry discounts & special offers
  • Advertising of your business through your listing
  • Professional Development Program (sessions and workshops)
  • Product familiarisation opportunities
  • Social and Professional networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to participate in Tourism industry events 
  • Access to economic Guiding Organisations Australia [GOA] Accreditation


  • Professional Tour Guide (Victoria)
  • Distance Professional Tour Guide (outside Victoria)
  • Affiliate Tour Guide
  • Site Tour Guide
  • Student Tour Guide (enrolled  in Tourism)


  • Application will be reviewed
  • Applicant will be advised that they will be contacted by an assessor
  • Assessor arranges and conducts assessment.
  • Aassessor’s recommendation is submitted to the Committee
  • Applicant will be emailed advising acceptance/refusal
  • If successful, Membership form will ratified and paid, and you will also receive:

    • Mailed name badge
    • Website access

Guides of Australia


The accreditation programme provides a variety of benefits to tour guides:
  • national recognition of practical skills and professionalism
  • a pathway to national qualifications – eg Certificate III and IV in Guiding
  • access to special rates for Public Liability Insurance
  • competitive edge for employment
  • access to professional development opportunities
  • identified as a professional Tour Guide
  • listed on the National Register of Accredited Tour Guides
  • receive regular news updates from GOA
  • World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations Cultour Card
  • access to industry discounts


You will need to complete the application kit, which includes:

A.  Complete and submit the following:

  • Application Form, including Employment Verification contacts
  • Résumé
  • Copy of current Provide First Aid Certificate (includes CPR)
  • Certified Copy of relevant Tour Guiding Qualifications, if applicable
  • Passport size Photo for ID Card
  • Signed copy of the Terms and Conditions of Accreditation Declaration
  • Application Fee 
B.  Successfully complete an On-Site Evaluation based on a relevant Tour Plan


Requires a successful assessment outcome comprising:
  • Tour Preparation
    • Equipment and props ready
    • Access to a First Aid Kit
    • Professional personal presentation
    • A Tour Plan
    • Manifest/Activity Numbers

  • Tour Introduction
    • Gain the attention of the group
    • Use an effective Introduction
    • Inform group of health and safety issues

  • Commentary & Interpretive Techniques
    • Have a logical order/flow to commentary
    • Use current, accurate, relevant information
    • Consider the sites cultural and social attributes
    • Use effective themes
    • Hold the groups attention
    • Use props appropriately
    • Demonstrate effective body language
    • Demonstrate effective use of voice
    • Use appropriate vocabulary
    • Use appropriate humour
    • Maintain eye contact
    • Encourage customer participation
    • Remain flexible
    • Encourage questions from group
    • Answer questions appropriately

  • Customer Service & Communication

    • Maintain friendly yet professional interactions
    • Use active listening
    • Consider customer body language
    • Recognise cultural and social differences
    • Overcome language barriers if required
    • Provide for special needs of customer
    • Meet customer expectations
    • Action customer dissatisfaction
    • Have effective communication with colleagues
    • Have effective communication with service providers
  • Group Management 
    • Lead and control group
    • Check group numbers
    • Relay to the group tour itinerary/schedule
    • Respond to group/individual needs
    • Encourage group cohesion
    • Encourage minimal impact

  • Safety

    • Assess, reassess and action risks
    • Show their duty of care at all times
    • Follow health, safety and security procedures

  • Ethics
    • Refrain from soliciting tips or kick backs
    • Minimise negative impacts
    • Provide accurate and current information
  • Legal Issues

    • Provide all tour requirements
    • Have all permits and license requirements

  • Tour Conclusion 

    • Wind the tour up effectively
    • Encourage questions and feedback

  • Post Tour 

    • Notify colleagues of return
    • Follow up on unanswered questions
    • Return equipment
    • Complete required reporting & Invoice
    • Conduct evaluations

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